Buying Patio Furniture in Winter: It’ll Save You Dollars, And It Just Makes Cents.

Sorry for the pun. But if you haven’t taken advantage of our overstock blowout sale, now is the time to do it!

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Every year, we get huge amounts of customers and visitors sometime around spring. It makes sense, right? The weather begins to warm up again, the days last longer, and suddenly everyone is thinking about spending their time relaxing outside and enjoying the majesty of our brightest, warmest seasons. Perfect time to invest in a great new patio furniture set, outdoor sofa, or daybed.

But why wait until the spring time? Why wait until furniture stores and online retailers get crowded with demand? Why pay more for something that becomes more scarce and, therefore, more costly as the summertime approaches?

Now is the perfect time to get a hold of some luxury outdoor furniture! Costs are low, and comfort is high!

Sure, you’ll have to wait a bit until you can actually make good use of your newly-acquired outdoor sectional sofa or bistro table. I know how hard that sort of anticipation can be!

But think about it. Look at our overstock blowout sale! We’re talking savings of almost one thousand dollars on some of these items! Price reductions in the 20% to 60% range, with most items sitting pretty at around 45% off!

Now is easily the best time to buy your patio furniture online. Why would I call so much attention to this? Why would I point out that our prices are so low right now, and they will only go up as the warm months draw closer?

Well, you got me. The truth is, these things are taking up a lot of space in our warehouse and we’d like to clear them out to make room for new patio inventory (we’re pulling in some new experimental models this year that we’re pretty excited about!), as well as many of our other fine products from LTD Online Stores.

So please, take advantage of our “Fall Cleaning” blowout sale! Get an incredible price on a great outdoor furniture set, and help us make some room in our warehouses!

Here’s to a happy holiday 😉


– The Patio Productions Team

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