Budget Friendly Patio Design

An outdoor patio is a great place to entertain friends or just relax, and if you use a little imagination you can have one without taxing your budget. As with many home improvement projects, the cost of patio materials can be quite intimidating, but there are less expensive options than things like bluestone. One material that many people disregard is concrete. It has a bad reputation, but if you think outside the box, it can be just as attractive as the more expensive mediums.

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Time to re-do that deck? You may not need to shell out money for a complete do-over just yet. Consider some more budget friendly options first. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Concrete doesn’t have to be used as a simple slab, and it doesn’t have to be the typical “concrete color” anymore. Color can be added to the concrete as it mixes to create almost any color that you like. Something a little different can transform a boring concrete slab into a striking focal point of your backyard. Some of the more popular colors are shades of brown, and blues or greys.

Adding some texture to your concrete is another way to make it more unique. There are concrete stamps that can be applied, but if adding some scoring by hand is a more natural looking option. In some cases using natural materials such as large leaves can make your concrete look more like natural stone. If you don’t mind sacrificing a plant, a large elephant ear can be found at nurseries for a reasonable price, and placing a leaf on wet concrete and pressing slightly will leave a beautiful imprint on your patio. If your space your leaf imprints at regular intervals it will give your concrete a tropical touch.

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