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Searching for the right wicker chairs to aesthetically match your wicker patio set can be a challenge on its own. We have some good news, if you're looking for material that is both sun and weather resistant, all of our products on our site have extra measures taken to resist both moisture and sun wear and tear. Here's a little more information on how these materials preserve your patio furniture and through this, an explanation as to why the majority of our products are selected with similar construction materials.

The polyethylene that our synthetic wicker outdoor furniture is extremely stable at the common temperatures it will encounter through its use. Scientifically speaking, the wicker can withstand temperatures above water's boiling temperature without much trouble (that is, temperatures in excess of 200 degrees Fahrenheit). For those of you worried about the sustainability of polyethylene manufactured products, we also have some good news. Recently, a considerable amount of raw polyethylene used for manufacturing can be synthesized from sugar cane, wheat grain, and sugar beet.

The anodized aluminum we use provides a firmer, stiffer material compared to untreated aluminum. Patio sets that feature this aluminum are often anodized with a weather resistant coating that gives a "rough" porous surface to the aluminum, strengthens the aluminum, and gives weather resistant qualities to the furniture's frame. Metals in this state can be dyed virtually any color, but we tend to stick to the more traditional colored frames here at Patio Productions. Environmentally speaking, treating aluminum in this fashion is one of the more environmentally friendly finishing processes.

The two materials composed above make up the majority of the bistro patio furniture listed in this section, but if you have any other questions regarding the materials we use here, feel free to give us a call or write us a quick email and we'll get back to you promptly with any questions you may have.
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Outdoor Bistro Sets

Ponte 30" Rd. Marble Mosaic Bistro Set 21-1327
Sale price: $1053.00 (Save 30%)

Ponza 24" Round 3 Piece Granite Bistro Set 28-1302
Sale price: $479.00 (Save 29%)

Recco 3 Pc. Bistro Set 28-3005
Sale price: $525.00 (Save 22%)

Stellarton 3 Pc. Bistro Set 28-3001
Sale price: $549.00 (Save 23%)

Tremiti Mosaic 3 Piece Bistro Set 28-1304
Sale price: $529.00 (Save 26%)

Tulipano Cast Aluminum Bistro Set 55-8663-WH
Sale price: $299.00 (Save 29%)

Tutto All Weather Wicker 30" Rd. Bistro Set 43-1308
Sale price: $759.00 (Save 22%)

Vulcano Mosaic 3 Pc. Bistro Set 28-1303
Sale price: $499.00 (Save 23%)