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Bar Tables

If you want to turn your patio into an outdoor social space perfect for throwing large parties and gatherings, bar tables are essential. They naturally encourage guests to gather around and socialize, as well as giving them a useful space to set down food and drinks. For businesses such as restaurants and hotels, bar tables take up less space and can come in very handy when space is limited. Guests don’t have to stand up either. You can pair these tables with matching bar and counter chairs.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, our selection of bar tables come from the top patio furniture manufacturers, including Sunset West, Forever Patio, Harmonia Living, and North Cape International. They use the same high quality materials such as thick-gauge aluminum and all-weather synthetic resin wicker. These bar tables are made to last and will serve you for many parties to come.

Whether you prefer a minimalist modern style or want a bar table with more traditional appeal, there are plenty of high quality options to choose from. If you prefer the warm look of natural teak, we offer attractive teak bar tables as well as aluminum and wrought iron. If you are planning to add an outdoor bar to your patio, be sure to take a look here.

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  1. District 4-Seater Bar Table HL-DIS-TS-4BT
    was $605.00 Special Price $399.00
  2. District 6-Seater Rectangular Bar Table HL-DIS-TS-6BT
    was $1,020.00 Special Price $699.00
  3. Urbana 4-Seater Bar Table HL-URBN-CB-4BT
    was $605.00 Special Price $399.00
  4. Urbana 6-Seater Bar Table HL-URBN-CB-6BT
    was $1,020.00 Special Price $699.00
  5. Nautical 44" Bar Table NCBT44
    was $895.00 Special Price $629.00
  6. Round 48" Bar Table RBT248
    was $995.00 Special Price $699.00
  7. Arden 4-Seater Bar Table HL-ARD-CH-4BT
    was $605.00 Special Price $399.00
  8. Arden 6-Seater Bar Table HL-ARD-CH-6BT
    was $1,020.00 Special Price $699.00
  9. Dijon 32" Bar Table (DJ.825-BT)
    was $1,215.00 Special Price $852.00
  10. La Jolla Pub Table 401-PT
    was $450.00 Special Price $337.05
  11. Leucadia 36" Round Pub Table 2601-PT
    was $777.00 Special Price $581.97
  12. Megapolis Bar Table 703184
    was $1,107.00 Special Price $738.00
  13. Mirabella 36" Bar Table (PT-606-P36)
    was $999.00 Special Price $852.00
  14. Nautical 31" Bar Table NCBT31
    was $495.00 Special Price $349.00
  15. Nautical 44" Counter Table NCRT44
    was $840.00 Special Price $589.00
  16. Obscure 36" Round Bar Table 520ACR
    was $673.00 Special Price $610.20
  17. Obscure 36" Round Counter Table 525ACR
    was $653.00 Special Price $592.20
  18. Riva 28" Round Bar Table ISP886
    was $500.00 Special Price $399.00
  19. Riva 28" Square Bar Table ISP888
    was $500.00 Special Price $349.00
  20. Round 36" Bar Table RBT236
    was $770.00 Special Price $539.00
  21. Round 36" Counter Table RRT236
    was $740.00 Special Price $519.00
  22. Round 48" Counter Table RRT248
    was $970.00 Special Price $679.00
  23. Soho 24" Pub Table (903-6185-JBP)
    was $525.00 Special Price $389.00
  24. St. Barths 30" Pub Table (PJO-3001-BRN-PT)
    was $495.00 Special Price $365.00
  25. Betty Bar Table HL-BET-2BT
    was $385.00 Special Price $269.00
  26. Steel Mesh Square Balcony Table S653030-01-BTGN
    was $327.00 Special Price $218.00
  27. Steel Mesh Bistro Table S6524RD-01-MHBN
    was $153.00 Special Price $102.00

27 Items

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