Bar Chairs

Whether you're planning to enhance the look of your backyard or the outdoor dining area for a restaurant, outdoor bar chairs make a great addition to any setting. Made from materials that are as diverse as the styles themselves, bar chairs offer a versatile, lengthy seat that can be paired with stand-alone bar tables or with your built-in bar! Regardless of where the newest addition to your outdoor setting will be placed, bar chairs will give the place around it a fresh, new look!

Choose from our great selection of bar chairs to add to your current bar setting or create an entirely new look for your home or restaurant! Our bar chairs are divided into two groups – counter and bar height chairs. Select from our bar height chairs if you are planning to match it with a stand-alone bar table. For those who have built-in bars, counter height chairs may be the one for you because of its shorter height.

Wicker bar chairs are great for matching the rest of your outdoor furniture. Espresso finishes have become the new trendy black and make a great choice for outdoor settings that want a warming, comfortable feel. With our great selection of wicker bar chairs, you can choose from counter or bar height, as well as swivel or standard chairs. Swivel styled bar chairs allows you and your guests to easily maneuver in and out of the chair, while giving the chair an added style!

Cast aluminum bar sets are great for outdoor settings that see a lot of traffic. Its sturdy construction makes it renowned for its durability throughout the years and its ability to endure the harsh conditions of being outdoors. From styles that ranged from ultra-modern to refined classics, cast aluminum bar chairs are here to give your outdoor setting that extra "umph"!
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Bar & Counter Chairs

Arden Bar Chair HL-ARD-CH-BC
Sale price: $199.00 (Save 31%)

District Bar Chair HL-DIS-TS-BC
Sale price: $199.00 (Save 23%)

Urbana Bar Chair HL-URBN-CB-BC
Sale price: $199.00 (Save 31%)

Barbados Bar Stool FP-BAR-BS-EB
Sale price: $316.00 (Save 30%)

Hampton Swivel Counter Stool FP-HAM-SBS
Sale price: $338.00 (Save 30%)

Hampton Backless Stool FP-HAM-BS
Sale price: $156.00 (Save 30%)

La Casa Cafe 30" Bar Arm Chair TD202
Sale price: $299.00 (Save 29%)

La Jolla 26" Counter Chair 401-7C
Sale price: $437.00 (Save 28%)

South Beach 24" Counter Chair SBD24
Sale price: $389.00 (Save 29%)

La Casa Cafe 30" Bar Side Chair TD102
Sale price: $229.00 (Save 29%)

La Jolla 30" Bar Chair 401-7B
Sale price: $449.00 (Save 26%)

Indo Bar Stool
Sale price: $478.00 (Save 35%)

Island Breeze 30" Bar Chair (PJO-1001-ESP-BS)
Sale price: $219.00 (Save 26%)

Island Breeze 30" Swivel Bar Chair (PJO-1001-ESP-SB)
Sale price: $329.00 (Save 26%)

Soho 30" Bar Chair (903-6186-JBP)
Sale price: $375.00 (Save 29%)

St. Barths Stationary 30" Bar Chair PJO-3001-BRN-BS
Sale price: $279.00 (Save 26%)

St. Barths Swivel 30" Barstool PJO-3001-BRN-SB
Sale price: $379.00 (Save 28%)

2 Pc. Air Bar Chairs Set ISP068
Sale price: $370.00 (Save 29%)