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Aluminum Patio Chairs

You have a wide range of options to consider when it comes to aluminum patio chairs and outdoor seating. We have an awesome, highly curated collection of club chairs and sofas right here online. Match made in heaven? We think so!

Outdoor dining sets and lounges are great, but sometimes you just need to curl up on a comfy sofa or club chair. If you feel like that’s exactly what your patio is missing, you came to the right spot! Having comfortable patio chairs is crucial to hosting guests on your patio. You don’t want to send people running for the house because they can’t get comfortable. Aluminum is a great option for outdoor seating because it’s so versatile. We have styles that range from traditional to modern and we’re sure that there is something here for everyone.

There are many different reasons to pick aluminum or cast aluminum as your material of choice for your patio furniture needs. The first reason is the strength and durability of aluminum. The metal lasts a long time, and it looks simply gorgeous! One of the best aspects of powder-coated or cast aluminum is that it doesn’t rust. This means you can leave your dining chairs or sofa sets out in inclement weather and you won’t have to worry about rusting, cracking, flaking, or any other damage! All of our thick-gauge aluminum furniture is powder coated, so it’s got the protection it needs to last a lifetime.

The lack of rusting also means that maintenance on our outdoor aluminum chairs is extremely low. Since you don’t have to cover it up to protect it from mother nature, you hardly have to worry about anything. There’s no need to refinish aluminum outside of extreme cases. You won't need to do mandatory regular maintenance like you would with other common metals and patio furniture materials. If your chair or sofa is looking a little dirty, it’s a quick fix to make it look new again: just run a quick rinse with water and then a pat down with a dry rag. That's all it takes! Cast or extruded aluminum outdoor seating is something that should last you decades - that's why we have an unbeatable frame warranty of up to 15 years!

It's also good to know that aluminum patio chairs and sofas are super lightweight! This may seem like a small aspect of a chair, but it makes a big difference when you’re rearranging your patio. Sure, you might never need to move anything around. But if you have a tendency to mix things up, aluminum furniture will make your life a little easier. An all-weather aluminum chair is easy to pick up and move on its own which will make rearranging a breeze. If you have any other questions about any of our metal chairs or patio furniture, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us. Our team of experts would love to help!

Sit back and relax this summer knowing that your cast aluminum sofas and chairs are not only maintenance free but backed by a 15 year warranty. Now that's quality outdoor furniture you can enjoy!

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  1. Albany Cushion Club Chair AB-483
    was $1,185.00 Special Price $770.25
  2. Albany Cushion Club Ottoman AB-488
    was $761.00 Special Price $494.65
  3. Albany Cushion Double Glider AB-456
    was $2,060.00 Special Price $1,339.00
  4. Albany Cushion Love Seat AB-482
    was $2,061.00 Special Price $1,339.65
  5. Albany Cushion Sofa AB-481
    was $2,859.00 Special Price $1,858.35
  6. Albany Cushion Spring Swivel Club Chair AB-486
    was $1,562.00 Special Price $1,015.30
  7. Aragon Lounge Chair 17004367
    was $948.00 Special Price $499.00
  8. Aragon Loveseat 17004404
    was $1,914.00 Special Price $1,199.00
  9. Aragon Ottoman 17004466
    was $540.00 Special Price $329.00
  10. Aragon Sofa 17004428
    was $3,183.00 Special Price $1,499.00
  11. Aragon Swivel Lounge Chair 17004381
    was $1,095.00 Special Price $599.00
  12. Aragon Universal Ottoman 17005173
    was $588.00 Special Price $392.00
  13. Ashbee Club Chair 1A7
    was $927.00 Special Price $834.30
  14. Ashbee Corner Section 1A4
    was $938.00 Special Price $844.20
  15. Ashbee Left/Right Arm Section 1A5
    was $822.00 Special Price $739.80
  16. Ashbee Middle Section 1A1
    was $717.00 Special Price $645.30
  17. Ashbee Ottoman 1A0
    was $495.00 Special Price $445.50
  18. Belle Isle Chat Swivel Rocker
    was $873.00 Special Price $785.70
  19. Belle Isle Club Chair
    was $675.00 Special Price $607.50
  20. Belle Isle Swivel Rocker
    was $873.00 Special Price $785.70
  21. Belle Isle Two-Seater Glider
    was $1,456.00 Special Price $1,310.40
  22. Biscay Wicker Cuddle Chair A082200-02-FCAC
    was $1,635.00 Special Price $1,090.00
  23. Biscay Wicker Sofa A083000-01-FCAC
    was $3,201.00 Special Price $1,499.00
  24. Cosmopolitan Arm Chair 701840
    was $954.00 Special Price $636.00
  25. Cosmopolitan Loveseat 701850
    was $1,464.00 Special Price $976.00
  26. Dakoda Cushion Armless Club Chair DK-493
    was $1,475.00 Special Price $958.75
  27. Dakoda Cushion Club Chair DK-483
    was $1,530.00 Special Price $994.50
  28. Dakoda Cushion Corner Chair DK-494
    was $2,460.00 Special Price $1,599.00
  29. Dakoda Cushion Left Arm Chair DK-496
    was $1,539.00 Special Price $1,000.35
  30. Dakoda Cushion Modular Ottoman DK-498
    was $1,098.00 Special Price $713.70
  31. Dakoda Cushion Right Arm Chair DK-497
    was $1,539.00 Special Price $1,000.35
  32. Dakoda Cushion Spring Swivel Club Chair DK-486
    was $1,815.00 Special Price $1,179.75
  33. Georgetown Cushion Armless Club Chair GT-493
    was $2,122.00 Special Price $1,379.30
  34. Georgetown Cushion Club Chair GT-483
    was $1,775.00 Special Price $1,153.75
  35. Georgetown Cushion Crescent Love Seat GT-492
    was $3,616.00 Special Price $2,350.40
  36. Georgetown Cushion Love Seat GT-482
    was $2,928.00 Special Price $1,903.20
  37. Georgetown Cushion Sofa GT-481
    was $3,912.00 Special Price $2,542.80
  38. Georgetown Cushion Spring Swivel Club Chair GT-486
    was $2,064.00 Special Price $1,341.60
  39. Heritage Cushion Armless Club Chair HE-493
    was $1,813.00 Special Price $1,178.45
  40. Heritage Cushion Club Chair HE-483
    was $1,501.00 Special Price $975.65
  41. Heritage Cushion Left Arm Chair HE-496
    was $1,937.00 Special Price $1,259.05
  42. Heritage Cushion Right Arm Chair HE-497
    was $1,937.00 Special Price $1,259.05
  43. Heritage Cushion Spring Swivel Club Chair HE-486
    was $1,732.00 Special Price $1,125.80
  44. Island Breeze Lounge Chair (PJO-1001-ESP-LC)
    was $477.00 Special Price $349.00
  45. Island Breeze Loveseat With Cushion (PJO-1001-ESP-LV)
    was $897.00 Special Price $649.00
  46. Island Breeze Sofa (PJO-1001-ESP-S)
    was $1,227.00 Special Price $899.00
  47. Island Cove Loveseat (PJO-8001-ESP-LS)
    was $445.00 Special Price $329.00
  48. La Jolla Club Chair 401-21
    was $837.00 Special Price $586.00

129 items

per page
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