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Alchemist Cocktail Tables (Set of 2) 520FT001P2AB

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Alchemist Cocktail Tables (Set of 2) 520FT001P2AB
Alchemist Cocktail Tables (Set of 2) 520FT001P2AB Alchemist Cocktail Tables (Set of 2) 520FT001P2AB ad-view 1 Alchemist Cocktail Tables (Set of 2) 520FT001P2AB ad-view 2

The Alchemist Cocktail Tables (Set of 2) (520FT001P2AB) by Seasonal Living. Of fire, water, earth, and air, fire's powerful symbolism is most compelling. Fire conjures images of creation, transformation, passion, and motivation. The Ingot Collection, drawing on these rich references, is a luxurious selection of exactingly hand-crafted and handmade cocktail and accent tables, fire pits and pedestals forged of welded copper and brass. Each unique work of functional art features never-before-seen, hand-hammered designs that have been developed over generations. The families of craftspeople who create these pieces have a deep understanding of earth's precious metals, not unlike Rilke's grasp of poetry, or Picasso's mastery of art.


  • Two (2) Alchemist Cocktail Tables in Same Color


  • 28"W x 28"D x 18"H (66 lb.)


  • Hand-Hammered Copper Top And Sides With Smooth-Finish Base
  • Powder-Coated Low-Carbon Steel Inner Support Frame
  • Adjustable Nylon Glides

Santa Clara de Cobre was the largest producer of copper in New Spain during colonial times, and the center of copper production for centuries. Artisans steeped in metalworking craft follow an incredibly laborious process to manually produce every aspect of each table, pedestal, and fire pit so the resulting object is one to be cherished and admired, as you would a fine painting or sculpture. Their workshop is an evocative world of smoke and heat where age-old hammering techniques completely replace mechanical procedures. The resulting works are true heirlooms that reflect love of the craft, having been handed down from generation to generation.

The painstaking process involves flattening sheets of copper over intensely hot pinewood fires, hammering decorations into the washed copper, adding patinas and colors to the face of the metal before it is fashioned into luxurious furnishings that stand the test of time. Once complete, each object is coated with PVC to protect the copper finish against fading or oxidation so that it can be enjoyed, admired, and treasured well into the future.

About the Manufacturer

Having lived in Kenya, Spain, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, and the United Kingdom while working in the financial, marketing and international hospitality trades, Seasonal Living founders were exposed to a myriad of unique in and outdoor living experiences. Inspired by these experiences, they noticed that beautiful, decorative accessories and furnishings were either too expensive or too limited in scope. They saw a market for comfortable, special in and outdoor living accessories that were fresh and affordable. By focusing on functional works of art that blur the line between indoor and outdoor furnishings, Seasonal Living has become the one-stop resource for retailers, landscape architects, spa planners, interior designers, property developers, and the like looking for unique and unusual product lines.

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