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Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs - no piece of outdoor furniture is more reminiscent of summer! One look at these renowned pieces of patio furniture, and it's easy to imagine yourself relaxing by the sea shore sipping on an ice cold beverage. It's not completely clear how these uniquely American outdoor chairs came to be so synonymous with warm-weather leisure, but what is for certain is that a beautiful teak or polywood adirondack chair will add an inestimable degree of style to your deck or patio.

Featuring flat armrests suitable for setting food and beverages on, contoured ergonomic back support perfect for any frame, and unique eco-friendly recycled polywood construction, our Adirondack chairs are fashionable and extremely comfortable features for your own backyard or front porch. And because they are manufactured using reclaimed wood composites and recycled plastics, they are very friendly to our shared environment. Take some weight off your back, rest your body, take in the outdoors - all from the luxurious comfort of your supportive and sturdy adirondack chair.

Some of our Adirondack chairs and park benches fold up for easy storage in off-season months, and some even feature steel gliders so you can gently rock back and forth. For a full list of gliding chairs, please check out our gliding chairs page! An ergonomically-minded, space-saving adirondack chair that glides? Now that's luxury!

But beyond just delivering incredible comfort and value, our outdoor Adirondack chairs are specifically designed to be attractive and permanent artistic features in your outdoor landscape. With a unique look and style all their own, we are sure you will love our gorgeous chairs!

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  1. Palm Coast Ultimate Adirondack with Hideaway Ottoman HNA15
    was $670.00 Special Price $469.00
  2. Seashell Adirondack Chair SH22
    was $695.00 Special Price $489.00
  3. South Beach Adirondack Chair SBA15
    was $425.00 Special Price $299.00
  4. South Beach Rocking Chair SBR16
    was $480.00 Special Price $339.00
  5. Classic Folding Adirondack Chair AD5030
    was $340.00 Special Price $239.00
  6. Classic Adirondack Curveback Chair AD7030
    was $510.00 Special Price $359.00
  7. Classic Adirondack Dining Arm Chair ADD200
    was $425.00 Special Price $299.00
  8. Classic Adirondack Ottoman OT73
    was $180.00 Special Price $129.00
  9. Classic Folding Ottoman OT53
    was $170.00 Special Price $119.00
  10. Long Island Adirondack Chair ECA15
    was $555.00 Special Price $389.00
  11. Long Island Dining Arm Chair ECD16
    was $319.00 Special Price $269.00
  12. Polywood Kids Casual Chair SBD12
    was $270.00 Special Price $189.00
  13. Seashell Casual Dining Arm Chair SHD19
    was $510.00 Special Price $359.00
  14. Seashell Rocking Chair SHR22
    was $825.00 Special Price $579.00
  15. South Beach 24" Counter Chair SBD24
    was $555.00 Special Price $389.00
  16. South Beach Dining Arm Chair SBD16
    was $425.00 Special Price $299.00

16 Items

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