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9' Octagon Auto-Tilt Umbrella UM810

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9' Octagon Auto-Tilt Umbrella UM810
9' Octagon Auto-Tilt Umbrella UM810 9' Octagon Auto-Tilt Umbrella UM810 9' Octagon Auto-Tilt Umbrella UM810 9' Octagon Auto-Tilt Umbrella UM810 9' Octagon Auto-Tilt Umbrella UM810 9' Octagon Auto-Tilt Umbrella UM810 9' Octagon Auto-Tilt Umbrella UM810 9' Octagon Auto-Tilt Umbrella UM810 9' Octagon Auto-Tilt Umbrella UM810 Sandwich (DC4) Three Fabrics (DC5) Trim Accent (DC6) Top Vent & Trim Accent (DC7) 9' Octagon Auto-Tilt Umbrella UM810

Our 9' Octagon Auto-Tilt Umbrella UM810 by Treasure Garden Custom Umbrella can be made in over 100 Sunbrella, O'bravia and Solefin brand fabrics for truly customized look. With one hand the umbrella can easily be raised or lowered with a traditional style crank. This same crank also allows the user to tilt the umbrella up to 45 degrees for protection against morning and afternoon sun. With 64 Sqft of shade coverage this is a great patio umbrella for large tables and lounge sets. We recommend an 50lb base or larger to accommodate this patio umbrella. Made with a sturdy, rust proof aluminum frame in Bronze, Champagne, Anthracite, White and Black. Also we only offer this for order online in a Single Wind Vent which is recommended for most uses. If you live in an extremely windy area than we can make this into a Double Wind Vent for an additional cost but we do not recommend it for most customers. For durability, easy use and maximum features this is an excellent patio Umbrella!


  • 9' Octagon Auto-Tilt Umbrella


  • Height: 102.5"
  • Coverage: 67 sq. ft.
  • Pole: 1.5"
  • Weight (Single Vent): 18.8 lbs.
  • Weight (Double Vent): 19.8 lbs.
  • Number of Ribs: 8


  • 9' Octagon Auto-Tilt Umbrella
  • Crank lift system
  • Auto tilt system
  • Frame available in Anthracite, Champagne, White, Black, Driftwood and Bronze
  • Available in Double or Single Wind Vent models
  • Optional longer pole available
  • 100% Kevlar Mesh Lift Cord
  • Recommended minimum of 80 lb. base

Custom Designer Looks For your Double Wind Vent umbrellas, you can choose from six different Designer looks that will give your custom umbrella a unique look that can be completely tailored to your outdoor space's needs. Choose from: Accent Trim

  • Fabric #1: Main Umbrella
  • Fabric #2: Outer Trim
  • Alternating Panels
    This style gives you the ability to choose 2 different fabrics that alternate in triangular panels to give you a total of 8 panels.
    Coordinate Trim
    This style gives you two fabric choices - the first designates what the material the main umbrella will be made of, while the second fabric designates the fabric of the wind vents and the trim of the umbrella.
  • Fabric #1: Main Umbrella
  • Fabric #2: Wind Vents/Trim
  • Sandwich Trim
  • Fabric #1: Top Wind Vent/Main Umbrella
  • Fabric #2: Second Wind Vent
  • Three Fabrics
  • Fabric #1: Top Wind Vent
  • Fabric #2: Second Wind Vent
  • Fabric #3: Main Umbrella
  • Twist
    This style is the most elaborate of our different designer looks. The two fabrics that are chosen will be used in an alternating pattern to give your umbrella a twist effect.

    About The Fabrics Of the two fabric major brands we offer, this custom patio umbrella in, Sunbrella® is considered the best, and O'Bravia™ ranks a close second. These brands use the same legendary solution-dyed acrylic process. Our patio furniture experts consider these brands to be of equal quality and value so for convenience and pricing purposes we have combined them into the Sunbrella image viewer and price tier.

    Quick Ship Options
    Want your custom umbrella quick? This umbrella can be shipped in 7-10 business days or less if you choose any of the quick ship fabrics. These fabrics are designated with a "QS" and can be seen in the fabric viewer. The platinum frame & Designer Custom Canopies are not available for Quick Ship options!!

    100% Solution-Dyed Acrylic Fabrics - 5 Years Warranty (Grade A, A+, SOA, and SOA+)
    Acrylic fabric has become the standard for outdoor use, and we are proud to offer 100% Solution-Dyed Acrylic fabric choices from top mills like Sunbrella, Outdura, Sunbury, Docril, and Bella-Dura. Acrylic is a durable and colorfast fabric, and is the #1 choice of fabrics for outdoor umbrellas. All of these fine fabrics carry a 5 Year Warranty against fading.
    Fabrics indicated with a grade of SOA or SOA+ are special order fabrics that may take between 5-7 weeks to be made.

    100% Solution-Dyed Striped Acrylic Fabirc - 5 Years Warranty (Grade SOA, and SOA+)
    Some of our striped fabrics are only available in pairs. These fabrics are made from 100% solution-dyed acrylic and contains all the features that this umbrella offers, with the exception that they must be ordered in pairs due to the way that the fabric is cut.

    100% Solution-Dyed Polyester Fabrics - 4 Year Warranty (Grade C Fabrics)
    100% Solution-Dyed Polyester- O'Bravia™ is a proprietary line of environmentally friendly outdoor fabrics. It combines many of the same advantages as more expensive acrylic options, and is backed by a 4 year warranty covering loss of color or strength from normal exposure including sunlight, mildew and rot.

    100% Solution-Dyed Soft Olefin Fabrics - 2 Year Warranty (Grade D Fabrics)
    100% Solution-Dyed Olefin - These fabrics are pre-cut and sewn into umbrella canopies and offer a value priced fabric that is available as Quick Ship options for most umbrellas (see fabric list for details).

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    BrandTreasure Garden
    WarrantyFrame: 2 Years
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    O'Bravia: 4 Years
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